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If you need cleaning services, you should contact us at Peak Clean. We offer a comprehensive range of commercial & office services tailored to your specific needs, commercial cleaning Auckland wide.

We’re also reliable and trustworthy, plus we offer competitive prices. All our professional cleaners are carefully vetted, and we work to the highest possible standards. Each of our cleaning teams is also well-managed to ensure we deliver a consistent standard of cleaning service.

We provide a full range of cleaning services in Auckland, but our particular area of specialty is commercial cleaning. This includes office cleaning as well as cleaning any other commercial area. We also have experience of common area cleaning as well as cleaning medical, government, and educational facilities.

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Medical & Healthcare Cleaning

Hygiene is a top priority in all medical and healthcare facilities. As a result, you need a professional team with direct experience of medical and healthcare commercial cleaning contracts to ensure your facility is maintained to a high standard. This is exactly what you get with Peak Clean. Each team member we send to your commercial premises will be properly trained, including in waste management processes and handling hazardous waste. We guarantee that our standards and level of professionalism will match yours.

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Fitness & Gym Cleaning

The standard of cleanliness in your fitness centre or sporting facility is crucial to its success. If it is not clean and well-presented, your customers will stop coming. As we have experience working with clients like you, we understand this. We also understand the unique challenges of dealing with high traffic facilities. Our dedicated team will ensure your sports or fitness facility is kept clean while causing as little disruption as possible to your staff, customers, and members.

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Educational Cleaning

Educational facilities must be kept to a high standard of cleanliness at all times. This is for hygiene and health reasons as well as to ensure students can learn in a comfortable and well-presented environment. It is also important for your staff. We also understand, however, the budget pressures that many educational facilities face as well as the time and resource pressures that caretakers and property managers deal with. We can take the stress away from cleaning your educational facilities, and our prices are competitive.

Food & Hospitality Cleaning

In the hospitality industry, hygiene is non-negotiable. Customers simply won’t return to a restaurant or cafe that isn’t clean. In addition, there are health issues to consider which only proper and effective cleaning can help. At Peak Clean, we have tried and tested procedures for cleaning hospitality facilities, restaurants, and cafes. In addition, the team we allocate to your business will be experienced in the field. Your cleaners will also be hard-working and will ensure your business is kept clean and fresh.

Government & Council Cleaning

At Peak Clean, we have extensive experience delivering cleaning contracts at a number of Government-owned facilities. This includes a range of agencies, offices, departments, organisations, and more. We can help with your facility too. Our approach is to design a customised cleaning solution that meets your specific needs. We will then allocate an experienced team who will work to strict procedures, overseen by management. In other words, we make keeping your facility clean hassle free.

Cleaning Common Areas in Buildings

Building common areas are often the most high-traffic locations of the property. This includes lobbies, lifts, staircases, shared washroom facilities, and more. It is important to present the right image in these areas and to keep them clean – this is where we can help. We have trained and experienced cleaning professionals who will deliver a customised cleaning contract for your property, ensuring the common areas are maintained to a high standard. If you’re a caretaker or property manager, you should contact us.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Our experienced technicians use the latest equipment technology to clean and restore carpets.

We specialise in both residential and commercial carpet cleaning.

Our carpet care services include:

  • Full carpet cleaning – Residential and commercial
  • Carpet stain treatment
  • Carpet deodorising
  • Rug cleaning
  • Flood restoration

Whether you need regular carpet care, or customised solutions, contact us today for a free quote.  Let us show you how we can help you keep your carpets clean, fresh and hygienic.

All our cleaning products are biodegradable and are carefully selected to make sure they are the best for the environment, our clients’ and our technicians health.

Here’s what you can expect when you come to us for your cleaning needs:

  • Flexible contracts
  • Vetted and well-managed team
  • Highly trained staff that includes training on health and safety
  • Complete reliability – when we say we’ll be there, we’ll be there
  • Consistent standards
  • Full range of modern and well-maintained equipment
  • Eco-friendly cleaning approach, particularly regarding the cleaning solutions and products we use
  • Competitive prices

The features of our services at Peak Clean are why we have an outstanding reputation as leading commercial / office cleaners throughout Auckland. Give us a call today.

Commercial Cleaning & Office Cleaners in Auckland

Are you looking for commercial and reputable office cleaning services? We service Auckland wide and can help at Peak Clean as we offer a full range of commercial cleaning services.

This means you can come to use if you need a carpet stain remover or if you simply need a carpet shampooer to give your carpets a thorough clean to restore them to their best appearance. We can also apply a carpet treatment to protect your carpet from stains in the future.

All members of our team are experienced at cleaning carpets, plus they will have all the materials and equipment they need to complete your carpet, upholstery, or rug cleaning job to the highest possible standards.

Additionally, our prices are competitive. Give us a call for competitive commercial cleaning today.

You will get a customised service from Peak Clean whether you want to set up an ongoing cleaning contract or you have a one-off job. In addition, we ensure all our quotes are competitive. So, for the best cleaning services Auckland, call today.

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