Post Construction Cleaning

Peak Clean is Auckland´s leader in post construction profesional cleaning services. Our experienced professional cleaning teams are able to handle complex, big and dirty cleaning projects for new homes, apartments, buildings, offices, and commercial properties.

As a developer, architect, builder or construction company you know that new development projects are chaotic and messy. That’s why you need to work with experts who will get it right, the first time.

We have more than 5 years of experience in large post-construction cleaning projects. Our expert cleaners and management team have successfully cleaned and organised a number of projects including hotels, apartment buildings, and new industrial and commercial property development.

✔  Rough interior cleaning. It starts right after the heavy works are done. A post-construction rough cleaning checklist includes the removal of big pieces of debris and trash along with construction material leftovers, disposable containers and tools. Basically, anything that can’t be handled with general sweeping and vacuum cleaning.

✔  Room-by-room specific cleaning. Each room will recieve deep cleaning. Brand new cabinets, sinks, glass doors, windows, and fixtures will be dusted, and then properly disinfected with detergents. The Floors will be treated with special attention. Debris and dirt are abundant after a renovation.

✔  Touch-up cleaning. This last stage is known as final cleaning. It includes a deep inspection of the property and a final to-do list. Pressure cleaning for concrete or outdoor surfaces, deep cleaning of all the carpets and rugs and window care are done at this point.

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Our experienced and professional management team of Peak Clean will provide you with a free on-site estimate, including a brief overview of a cleaning plan and timeframe.

Our team of specialist cleaners is available on short notice, on weekends, 7 days per week, evenings, even holidays.

To get started with a free estimate, please contact us today to this number 0800 466 206 or write us to this email adress : [email protected]

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