Warehouse One-Off Cleaning

Our Auckland warehouse cleaning services are offered on a flexible schedule to fit with the warehouse’s operating hours. Peak Clean’s professionals cleaners are available for daily cleaning, periodic services, or one time clean-ups after big projects.

Peak Clean is here to help you run your warehouses more efficiently through housekeeping and specialised cleaning services. A clean workplace is the start of a safe workplace.

Our Auckland warehouse cleaning services include:
  Floor cleaning and care. We can power wash, degrease, and reseal concrete floors.
  Office cleaning. Including kitchen, bathroom, hard flooring and carpet cleaning.
  Full interior and exterior service. From windows, walls, ceilings, awnings, and more – we have it covered.

It can be easy to neglect the cleaning maintenance of a warehouse, but the benefits of a clean warehouse are hard to ignore. A clean warehouse can boost your workers productivity and job satisfaction. It will also ensure that your safety standards are maintained well. All of these work together to boost the company image and improve overall morale.

What are you waiting for?

Call us on 0800 466 206 ( or write us on [email protected]) today and let’s talk about how we can help get your warehouse back into order. We have a variety of options for every budget.

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